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What’s Good Around Town. Our customers have raved about these businesses, so as your local field guides, we want to let you know about them, too!
There are hundreds of children in our community that leave school each day with nowhere to go and no productive way to spend their time. With parents and guardians still at work or exhausted from work, kids are often left to keep themselves busy with fruitless tasks that leave them unable to truly reach their full potential.

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Helpful tips in each monthly issue, tasty recipes to indulge every palate. AND, opportunities to become a hero in our community (or just in your home). It’s all here!

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We have had this insurance company for 47 years and they have always done the best for our interest. They will put you with the best rate for your house and autos. They have the friendliest agents too.
Lorna Hardin
Lorna Hardin