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For a Better Community

When you are surrounded by people who love you and care for you, you realize how important it is to have a strong community. Not only does it make you feel safer, but having neighbors who look out for you is no less than a blessing in disguise.

We understand how important it is to look out for each other and are extremely passionate about lending a helping hand to those in need. Whether it’s by supporting an organization with a purpose and working towards a specific goal or supporting a family that has just been going through a rough patch lately, we want to help.

As you know, VWB Insurance is all about living well and thriving and one of the main ways we champion that philosophy is by giving back to the community. Therefore, we have decided to allocate monetary rewards to those in need. We know that we will not be the only ones wanting to help, so we want to tell you that you can do so too. When you recommend someone to us that received a no-obligation quote, we offer to donate this monetary reward on your behalf! We’re confident that together, we can truly make a difference for a Better Community!