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The Children of El Dorado County Are Our Future

There are hundreds of children in our community that leave school each day with nowhere to go and no productive way to spend their time. With parents and guardians still at work or exhausted from work, kids are often left to keep themselves busy with fruitless tasks that leave them unable to truly reach their full potential.

The Boys and Girls Club of El Dorado County Western Slope was created to provide mentors, safe spaces, and a variety of other resources to these types of kids in our community who need it most. The Club’s efforts are focused on helping those children obtain academic success, healthy lifestyles, and a good character by offering them the tools and guidance necessary to achieve their goals and dreams through a collection of diverse programs. With clubhouses throughout El Dorado County, this organization is enabling as many of our young ones as possible to become prosperous, dynamic, and responsible members of the community.

We here at Vaught, Wright and Bond Insurance believe that children are our future and we feel empowered to do everything that we can to ensure that the ones in our neighborhood have a great one! That’s why we are committing to donating $25 on your behalf for every referral you make to us for a no-obligation quote. You read that correctly – for *every* recommendation you make to our agency, we will donate $25 to the Boys and Girls Club of El Dorado County Western Slope to assist them in providing as many of our children with a bright and promising future. So, how many names can you give?

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