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Upper Room is a charitable organization that serves those in our community who are experiencing financial hardship by providing them with nourishing food and other essential services while ensuring that each of their guests is treated with respect and kindness. This noble organization offers way more than just a meal. Staff and volunteers work around the clock to ensure that residents of our community have access to a wide variety of additional services. They have yet to miss a day of work despite the prevalence of COVID, the devastation caused by fires, and the frequent rolling power outages. From the Mobile Shower/Haircut Program to the Fire Support Services, Upper Room has found ways to ensure that people who are going through hard times never have to go through them alone.


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Let’s Enrich the Lives of the Children in Our Community!

The Children of El Dorado County Are Our Future

There are hundreds of children in our community that leave school each day with nowhere to go and no productive way to spend their time. With parents and guardians still at work or exhausted from work, kids are often left to keep themselves busy with fruitless tasks that leave them unable to truly reach their full potential.

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