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Motorcycle Insurance

What Is It?

Motorcycle insurances protect owners of a variety of vehicles, including traditional motorcycles, street bikes, mopeds and more. Motorcycle owners use insurance as protection from financial liability in the event of accidents, theft or damage.

Almost every state in the United States-48 out of 50, in fact – require owners, to have insurance to have their motorcycle registered and street-legal. Though the minimum coverage requirements vary by state, coverage for bodily injury and property damage is part of the minimum requirement.


How Does It Work?

Generally, an insurance policy will pay some of the costs of repairing a damaged bike. It will also protect you if there is damage done to another person or another person’s property along with the legal fees associated with the damage.

Different Types of Coverages

There are many different types of motorcycle insurance coverage including liability insurance, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage and medical payments coverage.

Liability insurance, which is required in almost every state, provides bodily image and property damage protection. Liability insurance will protect you from financial liability for other’s injury and repair bills in the event that you cause an accident. A rider should have liability coverage based on not only what they can afford but also the risk of an accident they are at based on their experience and surroundings.

Comprehensive coverage covers non-collision damage done to a motorcycle from fire, theft, falling objects, and vandalism. Comprehensive insurance will also cover the costs of repairs from hitting an animal or even in the event of damage done by severe weather.

Collision insurance covers the expenses of repairing or replacing not only your bike but your riding gear as well.

Major Benefits

Though motorcycle insurance is mandatory by law, following the law is not the only benefit of being insurance. Insurance will protect you financially in the event of an accident by providing medical coverage and assisting in repairing your bike.